Kelowna / Pacific Northwest

Terrace (Mission Hill Winery Estate)

Now that summer is officially over and that the weather is getting cooler, I can’t help but reminisce about all the beautiful days that we had this season. The thought brought me back to a trip that Rachel and I had took to Kelowna at the end of the summer. Among the many great meals that we had in Kelowna, our dinning experience at Terrace (Mission Hill Estate Winery) resonated with us. The view, the quality of food plus the sunshine definitely won us over for Terrace.

One Pound Steamed Outlandish Shellfish - Leeks, Garlic, Young Potatoes

Rachel and I ordered One Pound of Steamed Shellfish to share as our appetizer. The shellfish was steamed in a leek, garlic, white wine broth and accompanied with you potatoes. The mussels and clams were very fresh and we were pleasantly surprised by the size of the shellfish. I especially enjoyed the plump mussels in this dish and I thought that the broth was very comforting. Furthermore, the size of the mussel shells was the perfect vessel to carry the broth. The broth was neither too light nor too heavy, it was quite pleasant to find bits of leek in the broth to add texture to each bite of shellfish.

Pork Tenderloin - Vanilla Tomato Braised Pork Tenderloin, Israeli Cous Cous, Green Bean, Bacon

For the main course I order the Pork Tenderloin. Perfectly cooked, the pork tenderloin was still a little pink in the middle and very moist. The tenderloin was braised in a vanilla-tomato stock, accompanied by Israeli cous cous, Green beans, and bacon. I was surprised by the fact that I could not taste much of the vanilla flavour in the tenderloin as I expected the meat to absorb much of vanilla and tomato flavours from the stock. I also felt that the Israeli cous cous was over cooked as they were very soft and lacked texture. However, the tenderloin was exceptional so overall I enjoyed this dish.

Corn Fed Chicken Breast - Ricotto Ravioli, Herb Brodo

Rachel ordered the Free Range Corn Fed Chicken accompanied with ricotta ravioli and herb Brodo. While the chicken was cooked well, the meat was still moist a smooth. The ricotta ravioli was rich and creamy inside and were cooked al dente. Even though the ravioli laid within the herb Brodo, the service was quick, therefore the skin of the ravioli never got soggy or soft. Brodo is Italian soup stock and there could be many different varieties of Brodo. Herb Brodo was the kind that accompanied our dish and even though it was named as such, I couldn’t help but notice the lack of herb flavour in the stock. I did, however, appreciate the fact that the Brodo wasn’t too salty, which is an unfortunate tendency of most stock.

To be honest, Rachel and I could not have asked for a better day to visit Terrace. The sun was shining and the deck at Terrace was the perfect way to warm up after taking a chilly tour of the wine cellars underground. The only regret we had was that we did not have enough time to visit again for dinner. Again, the view of the vineyards, the refinement of the food and the impeccable sunshine definitely won us over at Terrace. Overall I would give Terrace an 8.5 out of 10.
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